Getting started

Business account

Modify your business logo and name



Modify your profile picture and name


Modify your user email

All email sent using Pusher use your personal email as "sender" and "reply to" adresse. In order to send email using Pusher, your email domain need to be registered and verified on your account. See section "Domains" to know how to register and verify a domain.

To modify your user email, click "modify" button next to your current email adresse. Enter your new email adresse and click "send validation link". You will receive a confirmation email on your new email adresse.

Be careful. After validation your new email adresse will be set as your sign in adresse.

Modify your email signature and unsubscribe text

Unsubscribe CTA and your email signature will be attached to every email you will send trough Pusher. You can modify both separately. You can't remove unsubscribe button but you can be creative in the label !

You can add images to your signature but be careful, images can't be resized. You will have to use images with reasonable dimensions.


Add user access


You can create access for all your team mates. Simply click "+ New" at the bottom of the page. Be careful. You can be limited by your business plan.

Difference between "user" and "admin" access

The main difference is that user doesn't have access to settings panels (except for their own account settings).


Register a new domain


Enter a valid domain you own in the input (e.i and click "+" button.

Verify your domain

Once you added your domain, you should see a table like the one below:

1. Don't panic and go to your domain provider

It can be Go daddy, OVH, Google domains... Log into your admin account and find the domain you added in your domains list. Then, go to something called "DNS" or "DNS records". There, find something like "New record".

2.1 Add DKIM record to your DNS

Go back in pusher and find back the table above. Copy DKIM "Host" and "Value" in your new DNS record. Select "TXT" as record type. here is an example with Go Daddy as domain provider:

Save and do the same with Return-Path record !

2.2 Add Return-Path record to your DNS

Like step .2, copy and paste Return-Path "Host" and "Value" from Pusher table to a new DNS record on your provider's website. Select "CNAME" as record type. Again, an example on Go Daddy:

Save your new record.

3. Wait few minutes and verify records from Pusher

You can go back on your pusher table and click "Verify" to verify both of DKIM and Return-Path records. Once verified, you are ready to send emails from Pusher ! Well done !!

Reminder: You can only send email with Pusher if your user account's email use one of your registered domains.

Be careful: Depending on your provider, new records can take few minutes or few hours to apply.


Modify your Timezone


We need your timezone to deliver your emails to your contacts at the right time. Email settings are common for every user on your account.

Choose when to deliver emails

You can choose your own emails email delivery settings. We recommend that you deliver your emails during business hours and on weekdays. Depending on the frequency of delivery you choose, emails will be queued to meet delivery requirements. Email queue is not common to all users of your account. Each user has his own email queue and all of them run in parallel.

Choose delay between two email to the same contact

Please refer to our sending policy to understand how we fight spam and how you could adopt good practices. It's really important to protect your domain and your delivery. 1 week between two emails to the same contact and 5 min between each email (≈ 120 emails/day) are general good practices.


Create a template

url: any

Open an email sender from a push or from contacts' table.

Start Writing your template

You can add variables and style to your template using the left toolbar. There are many variables, we let you discover them ! Be careful, template can only be created and edited when no contact is selected. Work on your templates before selecting any contact.

Remember that your personal emails signature is automatically added to your email when you launch your campaign. Once your template is ready, you can click "save as". After what your template will be accessible from "Templates" menu.